Saturday, August 17, 2019

Life Management Skills Essay

3.2 Stop, Look and Listen: Nonverbal Communication and Active Listening Part I: Nonverbal Communication Try This: Research what one hand gesture means in a different country. (You may ask people from other countries/and or conduct your own web search or library search for answers). Some suggested countries/cultures to research might be: Italy, Japan, China, Greece, and the Middle East (18 points) Hand gesture: Thumbs up Country/Culture referenced: German What does it mean? Flipping the bird Hand gesture: gentle poke Country/Culture referenced: Irish What does it mean? They like you Part II: Nonverbal Communication and Active Listening Choice #2: Review the video recorded interviews in the Activity tab. Document the nonverbal gestures displayed by the participants and your interpretation of the gestures. (36 points) Nonverbal Gestures Used What does this mean to you? Scenario #1 1) Dressed relaxed He doesn’t care. 2) Waved hi Unprofessional 3) Avoided eye contact bad with communication Scenario #2 1) Dressing Appropriately Shows he prepared and wants to be there 2) Hand shake Professional 3) Eye contact Good with communication After documenting the nonverbal gestures that took place during the interviews, write 5 or more sentences about each interview stating whether you feel the interview went well, if you would hire the person, and why you made this decision. (30 points) Scenario 1: I would not hire the first candidate simply because he was unprofessional and unorganized. He the first example of this happened even before he made it in the interviews office. He avoided eye contact and slightly waved to the interviewer displaying bad communication skill. These simple little mistakes can and will cost this man this job. He needed to go into this interviewer prepared physical and mental wise and he didn’t. Scenario 2: I would be overly ecstatic to hire this candidate he showed professionalism and was organized. When the candidate introduced himself and gave a firm handshake, showed eye contact, and used his full name. His sentences and tone of voice were fluent and showed how well prepared he was. By showing how well he prepared for this showed the intervener that he wanted this job. To practice active listening, listen to the dialogue on the Activity tab. List at least 4 active listening statements used in the dialogue between the mother and daughter.(16 points) Active Listening Statements used: 1) What I think I here you saying is that you are getting burned out and would like to have a life outside of school. 2) Correct me if I’m wrong but you feel all you do is things related to school. 3) In other words you feel like all your going is working playing, sports, and going to school and would like more time to yourself. 4) What I think your saying is we might be able to come up with a plan to fit everything in.

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