Friday, August 16, 2019

Respect Is Earned

Respect is something that must be earned and in return the same will be give n to you. An individual should not just automatically be given respect because of who they are, what they wear, how old they are or even by their status in society. Call me crazy but rest peck is gained through trust and experience with a person and this believe. You might ask why would I say such a thing well let me explain. First day of school and I'm sitting in first period. I'm the only person there beck cause the bell hasn't rung yet.A few minutes later the warning bell rings and kids start t o fall through the door as if there was a disease spreading through the halls. Soon after the final I bell rings and we're ready to begin class, but something is missing, or should I say someone. The teacher is late! Now I try to be openhanded as to why a teacher would be late on the firs t day, but something didn't rub me the right way. Ten minutes later in walks the teacher or some guy that think is the teacher, but by the way he's dressed he might be from the circus.He has on wetlands and a baggy this that looks like his dog had a field day with it. N to to mention he smells like the trash under a teenage boys' bed. Think to myself maybe I'm b Ewing too judgmental, so I back off a little as he explains his morning. The details of his explanation are much too graphic to write in such a formal piece, but will say he knows how t o party. Now in a perfect world every adult deserves respect, but we don't live in a per effect world (at least I don't). Society makes you feel as if you have to respect everyone you come in contact with.You must be open minded and kindhearted to the idea of respecting eve Renee, but in reality who ever does? Was taught to respect all my teachers and those above e me. The question have for you is how can you respect someone you barely know. To make ma otters worse they don't even make the effort Of being on time, they don't kick at least half pres notable, they smell like raw fish and because they partied too hard the night before they were to o hung-over to wake up for school the next morning.I have the answer for you, in case you weren't sure, YOU DON'T! Yes everyone should be treated with kindness. I also think every individual De serves the chance to earn respect but unfortunately not everyone deserves respect. If the at was the case there would be no reason for rules and laws for us to live by. Respect is something I value and in order to get respect from me, regardless of who you are, how much money you ma eek, what kind of car you drive, you MUST show me that I can give you such a priceless thing and the is I believe.

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