Friday, August 9, 2019

Setting up a Communications Technology Based Company Essay - 1

Setting up a Communications Technology Based Company - Essay Example The main clients of the company are home appliances selling companies and computer retailers. These companies usually need call centres to deal with customer complaints. Call centres also guide users when they face any problem with the products. Tele Solutions also offer online customer care services. Customers can contact the company through internet and Tele Solutions will help them solve their problems. The name of the company is Tele Solutions and it will be based in Central London. Tele Solutions helps businesses outsource their customer care call centres. The name is chosen keeping in mind the service that is being offered by the company. There will be 100 employees in the company as it is a small company. When starting operations low number of employees will help the company lower its costs and risk. The services offered by the company are very useful for businesses because people face problems with technology items like home appliance and computers. Usually they do not have enough time to go through the instruction manual therefore they contact the customer care services. This is where our company will come in and provide facility to businesses and will charge a fee for it. The structure of the company will be horizontal and team based. Groups will be formed and each group will be working on a separate company. The teams will choose their own leader and the leader will only act as a guide and will provide support to the group members. It has been identified that call centre employees show distress and anxiety due to strict work methods and non supportive leaders (Holman, D. 2006) therefore Tele Soft will have a supportive environment and employees will be free to design their own activities. This structure will also be a success strategy for the company. Motivated employees will bring business to the company. Also company will be

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