Sunday, August 25, 2019

The Rhetoric and Reality of Trust between Managers and Employees Essay - 1

The Rhetoric and Reality of Trust between Managers and Employees - Essay Example There is ample research evidence which supports the above statement and indicates that the values received by the employees in an organization have a significant impact on the organizational performance which far exceeds those achieved through an organized corporate strategy. Although various means and strategies are regularly adopted and implemented by the management to encourage employee productivity / performance, which includes lucrative rewards, health benefits, as well as frequent training workshops, â€Å"trust† still continues to be the most vital element that governs the employees’ willingness to perform well beyond the management expectations. From this paper   it is clear that the performance of employees which exceeds the managerial expectations is one of the key inputs to organizational success, and cannot be achieved through deliberate corporate strategies and stringent rules. The willingness to excel in their duties is an outcome of individual will, which can be fostered through mutual trust where the employees feel secure about their jobs as well as workplace and the motives of their managers. To encourage such discretionary performance on the part of employees, the management must create a suitable atmosphere and mutual approach whereby employees are persuaded to communicate and contribute their thoughts, ideas and beliefs with their colleagues as well as managers for the overall benefit of the organization.

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