Friday, August 23, 2019

What You Have Learned About About Organizational Systems Assignment

What You Have Learned About About Organizational Systems - Assignment Example Employees constitute one of the stakeholders in any organization. Employees provide the human capital required for the organization to succeed. Meeting and attaining organizational goals requires a team of employees who are committed to the organizational culture and development. Most managers use employees to solidify their organizational culture. Developing and maintaining a particular Organizational culture is central to the success of the organization because the culture is usually aligned with the goals and missions of the organization. Organizational culture will ensure that all the employees in the organization work towards a given direction. The reporter has learned the important role employees play in organizations, and in establishing an organizational culture. He would use employees to develop an organizational culture at his workplace that would ensure success in the corporate world. Careful selection of staff would ensure he develops the right organizational culture based on the goals of the workplace. Standardized procedures may help focus on the values that are crucial to the culture when getting employees for the organization. He would only choose those candidates who possess the values that fit the type of organizational culture he is developing.

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