Saturday, September 14, 2019

Homosocial Communication Practices Essay

The issue on mixed or single gender school has raised very many arguments; interestingly there is no profound truth that single-sex schools provide quality education compared to mixed school. But mainly the choice of school depends on where the parent fill their child won’t get good education. The school choice can as well be determined by the individual child’s abilities and weaknesses. Being a parent with a school going girl child, and with much interest to sent her to a public school, my choice would be in a K-12 single-sex school for girls. The reasons behind my decision are that single-sex educational setting often controls student’s academic ability. Girls and boys do better in single-sex schools than in mixed-sex schools (Becker, 2001). Single-sex girl’s schools provide them with confidence and achievement; this is evident since they can take non-traditional courses considered for boys especially advanced mathematics and Physics. The girls have freedom of expression in absence of boys who would make jokes upon what the girls say assuming they where in a mixed class thus learning becomes more comfortable (Forgasz & Leder, 1995). Better expression gives the girls the much desired inside to conceptualize scientific concepts. There is also a better teacher-student relationship because teaches do not compare between different sexes. The single-sex class setting provides and creates very many opportunities that cannot exist in mixed classes, these opportunities result to better understanding of life concepts Teaches in single-sex schools undergo specialized training on how to interact with the students thus a one-to-one specialized handling of issues which would otherwise not be solved in a mixed gender school, test scores and grades improve significantly (Forgasz, & Leder, 1995). The major disadvantage of same sex school for my child is that they lack enough exposure in interacting with opposite sexes; this reduces their level of maturity and even self-discipline. These can result in shy behavior traits since they lack exposure Later in life it becomes a big challenge interacting with men since they lacked the exposure, do not understand their beliefs and way of life from their early ages. Emotional development is as well not fully established in their lives (Haag, 2000). The establishment of single sex schools means that districts must have twice the number of school as opposed to if they had mixed sex schools within the same district. The number of teacher employed is twice even if classes are small and uneconomical teaching. These would result to a nightmare in timetabling, logistical and budget challenges. This could affect the quality of education being offered within the institutions. The required same-sex education skills and extra training provided to the teachers handling these classes may not be provided and the full benefits of the single-sex school may not be accomplished in the long run (Edison & Penelope 1982). In conclusion, though same sex school offer children all the opportunities to effectively explore and maximize their potentials in an open and friendly environment, they mainly equip the young ones with one side of what they need in life which is the academics and offer less of other life knowledge skills required later in live. So as parents we must be considerate on our children whole being without laying much emphasis on the academics and ignoring the social part of life. References Edison T. & Penelope T. (1982). The independent school experience: aspects of the normative environment of single-sex. Journal of Educational Psychology. Becker, J. R. (2001). Single-gender schooling in the public sector in California: Promise and practice. Forgasz, H. J. , & Leder, G. C. (1995). Single-sex mathematics classes: Who benefits? Lawrence Erlbaum Associates. . Haag, P. (2000). K-12 single-sex education: What does the research say? ERIC Digest.

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