Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Lindsay Lohan Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Lindsay Lohan - Essay Example According to Russell Davies, Lindsay Lohan's negative publicity is helping her lagging career. Her target audience loves the drama in her life and has her fans begging for more. She appeals to her audience in the following ways: Drama: She is constantly embroiled in one drama or another; whether it is getting into a fight with her father or breaking up with her celebrity boyfriends or girlfriends. She has got more than enough media coverage over her love life In the past few years Lindsay has been in the news for all the wrong reasons. Drunken driving, alcoholism, addiction to prescription drugs, party hopping and multiple sexual relationships. Lohan's self- destructive behavior has generated concern among her fans that have idolized her. Achievement: Lindsay has been driven by the need of achievement at a very young age and has achieved success when she was a mere child. The possibility of failure may have made her insecure; hence it has come out in the destructive behavior that she has been indulging in lately. Autonomy: Perhaps the need for asserting her independence after years of shouldering the surrogate responsibility of supporting her family has led to a conflict within her subconscious needs, where she wants to give vent to the years when she wasn't able to have fun like other girls. Exhibition: She also drawn to the need for attention, perhaps Lohan believes that negative publicity is better than no publicity at all. Harm avoidance: she has put a restriction order on her father because she believes he has done enough damage to her immediate family. Succorance: There is also a chance that Lindsay's behavior is actually a subconscious cry for help, after her break up with Rogan she has openly confessed that "She is Alone." Celebrities often believe that they are above the law and that rules of social conduct do not apply to them because of their identity. They also revel in the media attention that they get when they suffer from addiction and other antisocial conflicts and behavior. According to Michael Scott, who works at Sierra Tucson, a renowned drug rehab facility in Arizona "Celebrities also know that admitting to an addiction gives them good press and can get them out of bad situations, such as fights, car accidents, moments of bigotry and so forth. By focusing on rehab, they avoid depictions of themselves as sexual predators, out-of-control alcoholics or people with severe psychiatric problems". There also certain glamour attached to celebrities who die young or destroy their lives and relationship, perhaps Lindsay Lohan is

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