Sunday, September 22, 2019

Men are Becoming More Evil Essay Example for Free

Men are Becoming More Evil Essay I believe that in the last couple of decades man is becoming more evil. Many blame the media. Then there are those who blame the increasing number of dysfunctional family and the weakening relationship between parents and children. Whatever the cause, one thing is clear, and that is men are becoming more cruel, violent, inhuman and evil. Global crime rate, for example, has shown that all countries around the world have steady increase in robbery, homicide and other crimes. The total recorded crime trends have therefore shown similar steady increase in the last 50 decades. This was reported by the United Nations Survey of Crime Trends and Operations of Criminal Justice Systems. Juvenile delinquency is also increasing as reported by World Youth Report, 2003. In fact, in many Western European countries, from the 80s to the 90s, statistics show that there is a significant increase in juvenile delinquency rate from 50% to 100%. Moreover, although delinquency is universal, study has shown that there are different contributing factors to delinquency among different regions. For example, in Africa, the main cause is poverty, unemployment and malnutrition. In Asian countries, it is an urban phenomenon. In some countries, especially those in the Golden Triangle region, children are used by the drug industry, thereby becoming addicts themselves. Also in this region, children are victimized by human trafficking. In Latin America, it is homelessness and poverty. Arab world, it is urbanization for the rich countries and socioeconomic difficulties for the developing ones. While in many industrialized countries, such as the US, the main factor is increase in consumer goods. What this shows is that across the globe and with different factors, delinquency is becoming a way of life for many children. Gone are the days when children are innocent. Today they grow up in a world of violence, injustice and inhumanity that they themselves become violent, cruel and evil. Their crimes can be considered most heinous. In the last fifteen years school shootings is becoming more common. Then there are children who are not even in their teens commit senseless and extremely cruel crimes, such as Jon Venables and  Robert Thompson who stole, tortured and murdered a two year old boy. Whether this is caused by the environment, the media or family upbringing, it is clear that men are therefore becoming more evil. Becoming evil of course is a process as it does not happen overnight. It means that there is hope yet for the future generations. Societies might change and evil men might repent and turn their backs on their evil ways. But until that day comes, we see man becoming more evil with each passing day.

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