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Modern Art History Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Modern Art History - Assignment Example The paper "Modern Art History" will explore movements of modern art. The study analyzes cubists, suprematists etc. Some of the characteristics of cubism include openness which involves creating 3 dimensional objects into a 2 dimensional surface. A cubist therefore has to show more than one view at a time. The paintings are not based on precise art but use angles and shapes especially circles and rectangles. Cubism is broken into two spheres which include analytical and synthetic cubism. Analytical cubism involves breaking ofnatural forms and transforming them into little cubes or geometrical form. Synthetic cubism involves creating objects and focussing on the object together. Use of mixed medium is also one characteristic used by cubist as it mixes different mediums to create a composition of one surface. The artists use little cubes to depict a person or object from different views. According to Kazimir Malevich Suprematism is represented by the black icon which is found in almost all his drawings. The square presents suprematism symbol and the circle is a shape originating from the black box. The black box is an icon of suprematism according to Malevich. The black box is also referred to as a symbol creating the 3D dimension. Malevich emphasizes that the black box should not be viewed as monochrome but should be viewed as an infinite symbol of space creating openness into space. The paintings by Malevich and his disciples depicts constellations of algebra and has opened a greatfield of study. in arithmetic and mathematics. Question 3 part1 According to Clement Greenberg (Jeanne), abstract expressionism includes art that depict collective consciousness and is greater than any one nation. The abstract expressionist had difficult time putting their art into view as the world was under war. The artist had the role to turn their spirituality and express it into fine art. The artists had to ask themselves several questions including what and why they should paint a piece of art before starting any artistic piece of art. The abstract artists had to undergo a reformation from the ancient type of art such as modernism and break through to modern type of art. Artistic work from artists such as Marko Rothko shunned the dream of content surrealism hence shifting illustrative art into abstract art. This concept was picked and used by artist such as Rosenberg who depicts existentialism in his painting of ‘American action painters of 1952’. Greenberg further expresses that abstract expressionism redefined the purpose of art from social consciousness to social consciousness. The paintings and pieces of art contained meanings and messages to the society and that the meanings were to be expressed and not directly spoken or explained. The artists had to bring formal innovation and elements into their pieces of art. The use of series of colours was embraced as seen in the case of Malevich and this led to expansion field of painting by use of space line and colour. With this kind of work, abstract expressionist replaced the cult and figurative expression into universal truth as the artists expressed their personality. With the past era discriminating the women into artistic work, the abstract expressionism era embraced women and encouraged them into the artistic field. Greenberg considers Immanuel Kant as the first modernist according to his critique article (Greenberg). Kant was able to criticize different characteristics of artist through

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