Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Sample Reflective Essay for Social Work Students

Sample Reflective Essay for Social Work StudentsA sample reflective essay for social work students should begin with a quote from a past writing experience. Here are several quotations to consider for each year of the student's academic career:When I look back on my life experiences, I am overwhelmed by the depth and breadth of my experience. My life is filled with incredible moments of joy and sorrow.During my first year of college, I was so confident that I would be a successful transition to graduate school. I had the perfect life experiences, a promising job and, most importantly, a loving family who were supportive and loving.In my second year of college, I discovered a different side to my personality. Through these new experiences, I became more passionate about achieving academic excellence and shared these newfound passions with my parents.Our experience with a retirement home for the elderly has opened my eyes to the importance of finding volunteer opportunities in my commu nity. As I continue to volunteer in my community, I find that my own value to society is being recognized.Another reflection for social work students should include information on the life experience that has motivated them to become a part of a particular organization or cause. For example, if your life experience inspired you to become a social worker, be sure to include this in your sample reflective essay.These are just a few examples of what to include in a sample reflective essay for social work students. The choices are endless, and there are dozens of ways to include information in your personal reflections. Creating a reflective journal of your life experiences for your research for graduate school is a great way to start.

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