Monday, February 18, 2019

Education: The Idea of A University Essay -- Sociology Sociological Es

program line The Idea of A UniversityIt is true that every human being should charter the right to a testis education. A great majority of pargonnts institutionalize their children off to Kindergarten (or preschool if they should be so fortunate) in the hopes that someday they will go through their child fulfil his or her towering school diploma. And the dream continues in the form of college. And who are these people who are privileged enough to receive such an honor. Just that...the privileged and the honored. The ones who are embarking into higher academia are the ones of the upper and middle classes the privileged the honored. The ones who might not have the capital but have the grades or physical talent to obtain scholarships. And what happens to the succour? For some kids, high school is where it ends. Some will go on to work for a family business, get a job in a drug store, travel and see the world or get get hitched with and have a family. Some will not be so fortun ate and may not even make it out of high school. The kindergarten class where all of these youngsters started out unneurotic has now been divided into cardinal groups the educated and the uneducated. The effects of poverty and life circumstance have make their way into peoples lives transforming them into the people that dont go to college. Having specify these both distinct groups of people, it is time to examine their relationship. How do, more fittingly how should a society and a university interact and relate to one some other? In answering this question I would like to examine two notions. First, how it is that people learn and become educated. Second, how can these people, belonging to both the university community and the common community, be linked together. I would like to b... ... educated from the uneducated, defined as humanities. Giving students the know-how to get along in the world was deemed but as important and the actual knowledge that one has obtained. Th e subject of formal knowledge was also brought to the table. Another way to link the university and society together is to use the canon as a common core. Making this canon accessible to everyone is essential if there is to be a merging amongst these two worlds. Works CitedRose, M. Lives on the Boundary. The Presence of Others Voices and Images That Call for Response. Eds. Andrea A. Lunsford & John J. Ruszkiewicz. Boston, MA Bedford/St. Martins, 2000. 105-119. Spayde, J. Learning in the Key of Life. The Presence of Others Voices and Images That Call for Response. Eds. Andrea A. Lunsford & John J. Ruszkiewicz. Boston, MA Bedford/St. Martins. 2000. 58-64.

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