Monday, March 25, 2019

3 Traits to Being a Successful Politician :: essays research papers

As a young kindergarten student at naptime, I was unceasingly restless, simply because my playing such a small role in the world seemed inadequate to me at the time. As the old era wore on, though, I agnise that the saying, You must crawl before you can walk, is very true. Every large(p) person had to endure being a child, teenager, and so forth. Therefore, I no longer wish to be older. These transitional years argon the years in which we learn the most. Being so motivated at the age of five points directly to the traits I had and still crap to this day.Big dreams are all Ive ever known. I remember that allow be one key to my success. The ambition I select to create myself into the most powerful and effective person I can be unceasingly presides with me. So long as I keep a unfaltering attitude, I have no doubt that I will inevitably become what Ive always dreamed I would be. Looking choke when Im older, I want to be able to say, This is my life, and Im happy with who I am and what Ive accomplished. I have this strange feeling that I was meant to be someone special, and I proposal on satisfying that feeling.No matter what profession you go in, I firmly believe in being cacoethesate around it. Your trifle is so much more productive when you feel strongly about the subject in question I possess a passion for two things that only a few people can translate at my age. Those would be history and government. They found their way into my heart, all because of my one-eighth grade American history t separatelyer. For all I know, she could have design I was just brownnosing, but I truly found my work because of her. The last trait I have that I think will benefit me as a politician is just pure be intimate for every(prenominal)one. Sadly enough, I see people today who disrespect each other for no reason at all. Its disheartening and makes me have a tinge of disgust for mankind. I, on the other hand, believe that everyone deserves to be treated with respect, despite what they may say or do to me. I, personally, think my love for people and desire to help in any and every way I can makes me an excellent candidate for governmental offices.

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