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All Quiet On The Western Front themes :: essays research papers

All fluid on the Western FrontOne of the main understructures in All Quiet on the Western Front by Erich Maria Remarque is Futility of War. The novel takes prat during the Great War and takes place in France. Paul Baumer is the main pillowcase in the book along with many of his friends. In the book the theme of futility of war appears in the beginning, middle and end of the novel and Baumer slowly becomes to a greater extent aware of what war is really like.In the beginning Baumer enters the war as a recruit and begins to see the reality of war. During training he has to refashion the pipicers bed 14 times. The entire training cross was marching, which does not help them at all fighting in the trenches. I fuddle remade his bed fourteen times in one morning. distributively time he had some fault to find and pulled it to pieces (26). Here Baumer describes how his lordly officer makes him do over a simple task over and over for absolutely no reason.Throughout the middle of the book Baumer motto many actions that were pointless acts of war. His company was ordered to guard an abandoned village, which happened to have a few supplies but take over a large elope of manpower. When Baumer was at the front the officers had the troops charge the enemies trenches, only to have the soldiers mowed charge by machine gun fire. Baumer makes a trip home, but era he is there he feels lost and also feels like he doesnt belong thereTowards the end of the book after more of his comrades were killed Baumer saw more of the futility of war. Even though it was clear to all the soldiers and Baumer that they were losing the war, they were still required to fight. More recruits were dumped into battles only to die due to their inexperience. A iodin flyer routed two companies of them for a joke, just as they got off the train- before they ever heard of such a thing as bear on(237). This quote shows how all the new recruits were sent to their deaths, its describes how tw o companies of recruits were killed right when they got off the train to the front. They didnt even get to learn how to survive because it was not taught in the training. Even though Baumer had learned to survive the war and had lasted all-night than anyone else, he was still killed right before the war ended.

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