Saturday, March 2, 2019

Baldwin Cycle Case

Baldwin Cycle Case 1. relevant Cost Direct Material$39. 8 Direct Labor$19. 6 Variable Overhead(40% of $24. 5)$9. 8 Total Relevant Costs$69. 2 2. 2-months Raw material for 25,000 bikes $38. 9$165,833 WIP Inventory(1000 $69. 2)$69,200 Finished Goods(500 $69. 2)$34,600 A/R (30 days) (25,000/12*92. 29)$192,270 Total Inventory Costs$461,904 Relevant Asset Cost (5. 5 %) $25,405 Total Relevant Asset Cost$487,309 Interest 18%$87,716 chip in Relevant Cost$399,593 Price Per Bicycle$15. 98 3. Cannibalization or eating away will arguably sensation to reduction in Baldwins revenue.The bemused sales amount to $1. 3 Million. However, if the challenger bikes are not introduced fearing impacts of squeeze outnibalization or erosion, Baldwins competitor can step in and claim the benefits. Hi-Valu can turn to Baldwins competitor and that can have a bigger and long-term effect on an already declining bicycle market consider for Baldwin. 4. It is difficult to predict return as implementation of this wad opens up uncertainty in retaining existing customers. 5. The current inventory turnover consecrate is 125 days for Baldwin and 46 days for account receivable turnover.However, Hi-Valu will pay Baldwin in 30 days resulting in early coin realization. The deal also positively impacts inventory turnover by adjustment it to 120 days. Thus the deal has a favorable impact on Baldwin Cash flows. 6. Baldwins financial situation is as follows a. High debt to law ratio from high amount of short-term debt b. High debt can lead to problems in raising additional financing c. From the current ratio(1. 28), it seems that Baldwin can pay of its liabilities d. With an 8. 2% ROE, Baldwin has a lower ROE than the industry average 7.Baldwin isnt well poised at end of 1982 for the following reasons a. Bicycle holla has flattened out resulting the plant operating capacity to be underutilized at 75% b. Challenger deal provides added capacity for a guaranteed 3 historic period with additiona l scope on a yearly contact footing c. Baldwin could lose sales of 3000 units and loss of current dealers due to the deal base on long-term prospect of losing 3000 units of sales and current dealers, Baldwin should reject the deal unless some revisions to the deal are presented.

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