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The Hulk and The Incredible Hulk Movie Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

The rear and The Incredible tower - Movie Review ExampleThe Hulk originated as a tops(p)hero in the Ultimate Marvels comic books and has since gained arena recognition and gained celebrity status as a movie hero. on that point has been much discussion and comparisons do between the 2003 Hulk Movie and the 2008 movie The Incredible Hulk and this will be discussed in this essay.It puts a life history to the character he was espouse after David Banner, his father, accidentally killed his mother after causation an explosion at his lab when the government closed it down due to discovering his dangerous experiments. Baby Bruce was adopted after his father became institutionalised in a mental hospital.The 2008 movie The Incredible Hulk was direct by Louis Leterrier and the Hulk/Dr Bruce Banner was played by Edward Norton. This movie was not to be viewed as a sequel to the 2003 painting and also rebooted the history of the character (Lee, 2008). Edward Norton was the screenwriter wh o rewrote the first draft written by Zak Penn, and attempted to base the story more on the Marvel Comic strip and the TV serial than the 2003 movie had been. In this movie the Hulk was developed as a military project, a super soldier as was the Hulks character in the Ultimate Marvels comic books.... The Los Angeles Time movie review called it Freud for Dummies (Dargis, 2003). There are comparisons also to make regarding the profits of the two movies. The Incredible Hulk in the US grossed $134,533,885 at the box office in its first 2 months compared to $132.2 million for the 2003 movie so whilst it appears both films were as successful inflation also has to be taken into account 1. The films both received mixed reviews and so The Incredible Hulk had to overcome the negativity that The Hulk had received and according to many critics did not come through its predecessor. In The Incredible Hulk an experiment goes wrong with Dr Bruce Banner being left with gamma radiation poisoning. B anner had been led to believe by General Thaddeus Thunderbolt Ross that the purpose of the experiment was to make humanness immune to gamma radiation poisoning and when the experiment fails Banners genes are mutated and he transforms into the Hulk. Like The Hulk film from 2003 the movie sees him avoiding capture by the military forces led by General Thunderbolt Ross. Dr Banner seeks refuge in Brazil where he seeks to find a cure for his condition. Both films provide histories for the character and similarities do obviously occur, his love affair with Betty, and the centre of the story being the alter ego of Dr Bruce. The comparisons lye in the narration of how the Hulk developed into the alter ego of Dr Bruce Banner and the experiences he had.Bibliography1 http//, Manohla. Hulk puts a Freudian spin on the dualities of human nature, but this monster is a little too mild New York Times (20th June 2003) eleventh November 2008

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