Monday, April 22, 2019

The Morality Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

The worship - Case Study Exampled that by doing the right thing for the right reason, a psyches values and good desires become even more than solid if undergoing a similar bureau (Hamm 151). Simply put, morality of actions create less harm but not necessarily much more positive events for all parties involved (Brandt 58).As an example regarding morality is the raising of children in full cognizance of all things that are universally known to be moral and ethical. Parents can either choose to let others do it for them, by letting the children become aware of what is right or wrong, under the guidance of administration such as teachers, law enforcement officers, and the like. If the parents could possibly can, they could also teach their own children instead, and using their own words, ideas, beliefs as well as their own personal experiences, bring to them either simplified or complex judgement patterns that would be accepted by the society as moral and just. Still another way of training children would be by using the power of punishment in cementing the ideas of morality by association with pain, physically or otherwise. However, there is still a debate as to whether punishment would be able to pass around the message or not to younger folk (Hamm 114). Punishment could very much bring the idea of right or wrong but at times the effect would not last as long due to other factors that may well be outside of the sphere of influence of the home. Still, disdain the fact that children can be very much affected by anything from outside the home, parents would still be judged based on the actions of their offspring, thus bringing up the idea that parents have a greater moral obligation of raising children that would be functional and effective members of the society, rather than letting them grow up trick to the morals of the society.In relation to the purpose of moral obligations, another aspect of morality is the application of the concept of utilitaria nism, wherein the final result would justify the means by

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