Monday, August 12, 2019

Servant leadership Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Servant leadership - Essay Example Students shall receive desirable educational quality with the support of such control system. On the contrary, this system possessed certain loopholes. Firstly, no principal would state that their students were provided with lower quality of education. This indicates all teachers are given a rank of 5 on the grading system (Daft, 2013). Personal feedback given by master teachers cannot be considered as accurate. It is recommended that centralized external agency should exhibit operations related to feedback control system. Personnel needs to be hired who can evaluate efficiency level of teachers in context of subject area outside their expertise. Teacher grading system forms an integral component of feedback control system. Master teachers and principals were the key personnel involved in such grading system. Teacher evaluation system is important when there is a need to analyze performance of students as well as teachers. Feedback control system highlights contribution of teacher towards a system. Student learning progress is dependent on accountability of teachers. Grading system is an essential part simply because it helps in determining position of a teacher in educational system with respect to others. Master teachers and principal needs to cover wide set of areas in order to grade a teacher. Feedback system can operate efficiently only when a framework of grades or results is provided. This framework outlines performance of teachers over a specific time period. Perfection exhibited by teachers can be portrayed through such grading system. Accuracy is a critical element in the entire evaluation process. Principals are involved in the evaluation process and they might possess long term relationship with teaching staff. This form of relationship tends to violate the process. However accuracy standards can be retained only when state controls the operation through an external agent. Principals who are conducting the procedure also need to be

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