Sunday, August 11, 2019

Stress Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 6

Stress - Essay Example Some people start fighting when they are stressed out as a reactionary measure, which is called fight and the third is left or flight, which means that the stressed out person tries to escape of flee from the problems. My condition when I am stressed out is like freeze as I really do not know what should I do and where should I go. I have many issues in life, which have made me introvert. I want to keep everything just to myself. When I consider myself helpless and emotionally devastated, I try to cry aloud in loud music so that others cannot hear me. I cry until I get awfully tired and after that, I feel somewhat relaxed and eased out. I also spend my troublesome time at the sea where I just sit and ponder over my problems and life as a whole. I try to let in the cool air so that the heat within me caused by my issues can get cold. In my stressed condition, I do a lot of shopping that is useless after which, I have to go back to return certain things. I am not the only one with issues, as when I sat with my group members, we all felt sad because of our own issues in our lives. I was really surprised when I saw a guy crying out of emotional outburst. I used to think that men could not cry, as men are perceived as really unacceptable when they cry. However, like women, men can also have many issues, which can bring tears to their eyes. That guy was really worried and disturbed due to which, he shared his problems with others. Everyone has his own issues and they are not the same. However, people have issues with their parents, siblings, friends, and so on, that can appear as somewhat similar. They can cry like children, as they perceive themselves helpless and unsupported, due to which, all that they can do is crying for their issues. I considered myself alone and secluded and with problems. However, when I see other people with problems too, I do not consider

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